Market Intelligence

We apply effective market strategy that ensures optimal use of corporate resources. We conduct both primary as well as secondary research, and provide in-depth industry expertise. By employing reliable tools and techniques of data collection and interpretation, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the macro-economic environment and the market scenarios.

Industry Analysis
We offer an overview of industry sectors, by providing a detailed analysis of the market dynamics, major players, distribution strategies and expected demand-supply scenarios. .. Read more
Research Studies
We conduct comprehensive market surveys or a limited desk research - structured to client requirements. We undertake complex studies of business trends including short-term and long-term forecasting, pricing and acquisition studies. These comprehensive studies also involve macro level analysis of.. Read more
Product Feasibility Studies
We help you identify business opportunities for both domestic and export markets and evaluate future potential for a product. We also undertake studies to test a product concept or an idea prior to its market launch. .. Read more
Socio-Economic Studies
We undertake evaluation of various welfare schemes and programs in the social sector funded by Government of Nepal as well as foreign donors. These studies cover a wide range of sectors such as Health, Rural Development, Education, Drinking Water, etc. .. Read more
Managing Foreign Business Delegations
We provide a one-stop-solution to all the requirements of a business delegation, from identifying the specific requirements of each foreign company, to identifying Nepalese companies meeting these parameters and facilitating the one–to–one meetings. .. Read more